Spotting the Table Donkey in Online Poker

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Spotting the Table Donkey in Online Poker

Spotting the Table Donkey in Online Poker

Part of growing your bankroll in online poker revolves around you being able to spot the weaker players and push them off their hands. We all had to start as the fish or donkey and pay our dues, so if you attack them now you are only getting back all that money you lost when you were new to the game. If you are new still, then you can use this information to stop putting out the signal that you are weak and you will not have to suffer early in the game.


Here are some ways to spot the weak players and get them to lay down their hands.


The weak player feels they have to be part of the poker community, so they go to the room chat feature and try to make friends. They complain about their terrible starting hands, they whine about the fact they got pushed off a great hand, and they never stop talking about those bad beats they run into on the river.


The donkey at the table has no clue that every time they flash their hole cards that they are giving the table information for free. These players just told the table they were donkeys. These players also have no idea that by flashing those hole cards, other players can now use that information to figure out similar hands and beat them easily.


The weaker players are going to fall into betting patterns fast. Now that they are home betting on their mobile device, they think then can relax and no one will be able to tell they are distracted with social media, the TV, or that they are talking on the phone.


Now you know how to find the weak players and focus your efforts on their chips for the time being. Before you know it, you will see your bankroll growing bigger and bigger each session you are playing. Click on bandar ceme for more details.

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